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Weekly weigh-in: Week 2

How has one full week passed since I last posted?! While I am sorry for the radio silence, I think it will be worth your wait, because I have some exciting things planned on the blog this week (hint, hint, you should definitely check back in tomorrow!)! But first, I must weigh-in. I will be honest, if I hadn’t made a declaration about checking in with you each week, I probably would have skipped this weigh in, because I am feeling a bit down.

Sunflower Paperie blog - Week 2 weigh-in (Saguaro Lake Hike 3)

Saguaro Lake, Arizona


Week 2 weigh-in (January 20, 2015):

Pounds lost (since last week): 0.5

Total pounds lost (since January 5 start date): 4.5

Total number of workouts: 2 (elliptical & arm weights x 2 days)

Total number of weekend hikes: 1 (Saguaro Lake – see photos below!)

Other health-related items to celebrate in the past week: No soda since January 3, pretty healthy low carb eating (good variety of veggies and proteins).

Areas of improvement: Stick with “induction like” low carb eating (no nuts or starchy veggies). Drink more water. Be conscious of portions. Be aware of “hidden carbs,” specifically in soups and sauces.

I am feeling a little disappointed, because in the past when I have focused on low carb eating, the pounds have come off quicker. I have been looking back at what I have been eating and I think my portion size and flexibility with items like nuts might be creating some of the issues. Additionally, I have basically substituted black tea (unsweetened) for soda, so I know I need to focus on drinking more water. I also keep reminding myself “I didn’t put the weight on overnight, and I won’t lose it overnight.”

Sunflower Paperie blog - Week 2 weigh-in (Saguaro Lake Hike 2)

Hank & I – I am also considering this a good “before” weight loss pic!


A big highlight of the past week, was a hike with my boyfriend and our dog Hank at Saguaro Lake. It was a little busy (because of the holiday), but it was BEAUTIFUL – we will definitely be going back!

Sunflower Paperie blog - Week 2 weigh-in (Saguaro Lake Hike Hank)

Hank – The happiest hiking partner ever!


If you have a weight loss goal for this year, how is it going?! 

Click here for my Week 1 weigh-in! 

Weekly Weigh-in: Week 1

Confession time… I weigh myself everyday. To some this may seem unhealthy, but for me it is an accountability and motivational tool. In the past, when I have stopped weighing myself regularly, I have consistently gained weight. I track it daily in the “MyFitnessPal” app, so I can see progress over weeks and months. All that being said, my goal (once I have lost weight) is to have a healthy balance of food and activity, so that I don’t even need to have a scale around.

Sunflower Paperie blog - Weekly Weigh-in Week 1

This blurry photo of brussel sprouts, right before they took a bath in bacon grease and mustard, is the only photographic evidence I have of my healthy eating efforts! 🙂


I have been thinking a lot about losing weight recently and debating whether or not I should share specifics in this space. Ultimately I decided that I would, because one of my goals for this blog is to build a community and I feel like 95% of the people I know have struggled with their weight at some point in their lives. Each week I plan to share a snapshot of my wellness journey and I would love for you to share your successes too!

Week 1 weigh-in (January 14, 2015):

Pounds lost (since start date January 5): 4

Total pounds lost: 4 

Total number of workouts: 3 (Step class, elliptical, Body Sculpt class)

Total number of weekend hikes: 2

Other health-related items to celebrate in the past week: No soda since January 3, pretty healthy low carb eating (good variety of veggies and proteins), extremely limited sweets (1 handful of dark chocolate covered almonds and some peanut butter).

Areas of improvement: I need more sleep! My goal is to be in bed (ready for sleep) at 10 p.m. and up at 6:15 a.m. Drink more water. Be conscious of portions.

Have any of you made resolutions or goals to lose weight or get in shape this year? How are your goals going so far?! 

Working on my (health) and Fitness

Getting healthy and taking care of myself is my second big goal for 2015. I know this is a popular resolution that everyone approaches differently, so I want to share some of the specific steps I will be taking this year to improve my health. But first, a little context! 

I have dieted on and off for years and not a day goes by that I don’t think about my weight and wish I was thinner. My story is similar to many others in that I have always been on the heavier side (when compared to my peers) and after being very active in high school and relatively active in college, a sedentary lifestyle post-graduation, led to quite a bit of weight gain. Fast forward through my twenties and I am finally to a point where I am committed to losing weight (for good) for the sake of my health and longevity! There are also a couple of health related items I have simply been putting off (for no good reason), so those have made their way into my mini goals as well.

Sunflower Paperie blog - 2015 Health Goals!

Mini health and self-care goals:

Follow a low carb diet, with the goal of losing weight. Nothing crazy or extreme here, low carb foods (meat, veggies, etc.) are what I prefer, so this tends to be the best route for me regarding my eating.

Exercise a minimum of 3 times a week. A good friend of mine (hi Liz!) and I got a jump start on this in December by joining a gym and starting to attend fitness classes. This goal is a reminder to make consistent exercise a priority.

Hike a minimum of once a week.

Quit drinking soda. What is it with Diet Coke?! Seriously. It is a all or nothing relationship for me! Either I am drinking too much or I have to stop all together, this year I am choosing the later. I stopped drinking it daily on Dec. 29 (and outside of shared drink at a football game and a movie) haven’t had one since.

Schedule all of my yearly appointments! Believe it or not, this is the health goal I am most embarrassed about! I actually enjoy going to the dentist and have never minded the eye doctor, but since moving to Arizona 18 months ago I just haven’t gotten around to finding new doctors. Time to remedy this!

Is this too much personal information for, what, my 10th blog post? 🙂 As you read yesterday, one of my goals is building a community in this space and I figure there is no better way to build community than to share my thoughts, struggles and experience! Plus, I know from past experience that I am most successful when I have accountability buddies. I would love to hear about any health or wellness goals you have made for the new year!

Disclaimer: It should go without saying, but I am not a doctor (or any sort of health professional), so all of the views shared on this blog are my own personal opinions and experience. Talk with your doctor if you are considering a change to your diet or exercise routine! 

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