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If You’re Happy & You Know it… Keep Doing it!

Why these post titles have taken on a lyrical theme, we may never know, but what I do know is that I sure am enjoying sharing my 2015 goals with you! Thanks for sticking with me (goofy titles and all!)! A quick recap… Monday I shared my business goals, while on Tuesday I focused on health and self-care.

Today’s goal is going to focus on having fun and doing more things that make me happy! This may sound like a complete no brainer to some, but I often find myself enjoying something and thinking “I should do this more often!”

Sunflower Paperie blog - Having more fun!

Read from a book DAILY. Alright, I love reading, always have and hopefully always will. However, I always start out the year with grandiose plans of “reading 26 52 books a year!” And then I pick long books, get busy at work and with my Etsy business and before I know it, I am terribly behind. This year, I am going to be more realistic and focus instead on making sure I read from a book everyday. Some days it may be several chapters and some days it may only be several pages – and I am o.k. with that.

See more live music. I love music and I love concerts! I am lucky to live in a metro area with tons of concert venues. The trick is keeping up with who is coming to town.

Travel more. Again, I am super lucky to have a manfriend that enjoys traveling (and more importantly trip planning!). In 2014, we actually averaged 1 trip per month (we didn’t realize this until we were chatting on New Year’s Day!). A lot of our trips are simply long weekends out of town or built around a professional conference in a fun location, so I definitely want to continue these types of trips.

Watch more movies. I love going to the movies, but am notoriously bad at watching movies at home. This year, I want to catch up on some titles that interested me when they came out, but I missed in the theater. This goal also includes supporting our local (really nice) $3 theater.

I am sure this list is incomplete, so I will add to it as the year goes on! I am also a little behind on my daily posts, so I will be sharing my last two 2015 Goal posts over the weekend. Until then, don’t forget to check out my interview with illustrator Madison Lytle and enter to win a set of her darling cards! 

Working on my (health) and Fitness

Getting healthy and taking care of myself is my second big goal for 2015. I know this is a popular resolution that everyone approaches differently, so I want to share some of the specific steps I will be taking this year to improve my health. But first, a little context! 

I have dieted on and off for years and not a day goes by that I don’t think about my weight and wish I was thinner. My story is similar to many others in that I have always been on the heavier side (when compared to my peers) and after being very active in high school and relatively active in college, a sedentary lifestyle post-graduation, led to quite a bit of weight gain. Fast forward through my twenties and I am finally to a point where I am committed to losing weight (for good) for the sake of my health and longevity! There are also a couple of health related items I have simply been putting off (for no good reason), so those have made their way into my mini goals as well.

Sunflower Paperie blog - 2015 Health Goals!

Mini health and self-care goals:

Follow a low carb diet, with the goal of losing weight. Nothing crazy or extreme here, low carb foods (meat, veggies, etc.) are what I prefer, so this tends to be the best route for me regarding my eating.

Exercise a minimum of 3 times a week. A good friend of mine (hi Liz!) and I got a jump start on this in December by joining a gym and starting to attend fitness classes. This goal is a reminder to make consistent exercise a priority.

Hike a minimum of once a week.

Quit drinking soda. What is it with Diet Coke?! Seriously. It is a all or nothing relationship for me! Either I am drinking too much or I have to stop all together, this year I am choosing the later. I stopped drinking it daily on Dec. 29 (and outside of shared drink at a football game and a movie) haven’t had one since.

Schedule all of my yearly appointments! Believe it or not, this is the health goal I am most embarrassed about! I actually enjoy going to the dentist and have never minded the eye doctor, but since moving to Arizona 18 months ago I just haven’t gotten around to finding new doctors. Time to remedy this!

Is this too much personal information for, what, my 10th blog post? 🙂 As you read yesterday, one of my goals is building a community in this space and I figure there is no better way to build community than to share my thoughts, struggles and experience! Plus, I know from past experience that I am most successful when I have accountability buddies. I would love to hear about any health or wellness goals you have made for the new year!

Disclaimer: It should go without saying, but I am not a doctor (or any sort of health professional), so all of the views shared on this blog are my own personal opinions and experience. Talk with your doctor if you are considering a change to your diet or exercise routine! 

Taking Care of (my) Business

Hello friend! I don’t know about you, but I LOVE reading about everyone’s New Years resolutions and goals! However, I am also aware of the very small percentage of resolutions and goals that are ever achieved. Something that dramatically increases a goals likelihood of being accomplished is the simple act of writing it down. I think you see where I am going here…

This year I am resolving to focus on improving 5 different areas of my life. Today I am going to kick off a week long series of posts about why I have selected these goals and exactly what I am hoping to accomplish. The first 2015 goal – “Growing my Business.” 

Sunflower Paperie Blog - Grow My Business

In May of 2013, I opened the Sunflower Paperie Etsy shop. I had made decorations for several friends parties and had toyed around with the idea of an Etsy shop of some sort for years, so at the prompting of friends and family I listed some products and opened my shop. Imagine my shock, when 3 days later I had my first sale! I still clearly remember my first customer and the joy I felt helping her plan her sons first birthday party. From that day forward, I was hooked! What is more fun than helping others celebrate birthdays, baby showers and weddings?!

Over 500 sales and almost 2 years in business later and I am ready to elevate my business to the next level. This coming year, I want increase the number of sales I have on a weekly and monthly basis in addition to expanding the line of products I offer. I want to grow my business, all while maintaining a high level of customer interaction and excellent customer service. In order to achieve these goals I am going to have to think strategically (what effort yields the most results) and consistently “work” my business like I do my day job.

Here are the mini goals I have identified to help me achieve the bigger goal of “growing my business”:

Work Sunflower Paperie like a part-time job. This means penciling into my planner a minimum of 20 hours each week to focus on my shop. Big thanks to my friend, Jennifer Kennedy over at Teach Good Stuff for sharing this concept with me.

Exceed 1,200 sales by the end of this year. This equates to roughly 52 orders per month. I averaged 23 sales per month in 2014, so I essentially want to double the number of orders this year (eek!).

Design a line of digital products for my shop.

Create a community on my blog. 🙂 

Implement a consistent and strategic marketing plan. I want to build relationships with business owners and brands I admire and spotlight them in this space.

Whew! I am both excited and nervous about putting these goals in writing (and on the internet!)! As I mentioned in my sneak peek 2015 goal posts, my five big goals for 2015 are going to guide the content I share on the blog with you, so be on the look-out for updates.

Not super interested in business related goals?! Never fear, tomorrow I am going to outline how I plan to “get healthier and take care of myself.”

Happy 2015!

Sunflower Paperie blog - Cheers to the New Year!

Happy New Year! I don’t know about you, but there is something that seems extra exciting about 2015 (perhaps it is my preference for odd numbers?!) or perhaps it is just the general excitement that comes along with the idea of “starting fresh”!

Overall, 2014 was pretty great, but I am definitely excited to see what 2015 holds. As I grow my blog, I would like to develop some common content themes. It dawned on me the other day, that perhaps my goals for 2015 could also help guide the content of my blog. Since these will be the items I am focusing on (and would like accountability in achieving), it seems like a pretty natural fit. Below are the 5 major areas I am going to be focusing on this coming year.

1. Growing my business

2. Getting healthy / taking care of myself

3. Having FUN / doing things that make me happy

4. Re-connecting (or staying connected) with family & friends

5. Being more creative

Next week I will be sharing longer posts about each of these goals and how I plan to achieve them. In the meantime, I am going to break out of my brand new paper planner and start sketching out the year!

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? If so, what are your goals for 2015? I would love to hear about them in the comments!  

A Grand Adventure

Hello! Welcome to the Sunflower Paperie blog! Today marks the official “launch” of this creative endeavor and I couldn’t be more excited! I am SO very glad you are joining me on this adventure! I have big plans for 2015 that I can’t wait to share with you through this space. Side note: I am sure there is a blogging rule about the number of exclamation points that are appropriate in one post, but I haven’t read it yet, so let the excitement continue!!!

Sunflower Paperie blog - A Grand Adventure

Me at my very favorite place – the Grand Canyon!

If you haven’t already, please see my sidebar to sign-up for my weekly updates. I promise I will only share the very best information with you (every week or so), plus, I have lots of fun giveaways and freebies on tap in the upcoming months, so you definitely don’t want to miss out on those! If that isn’t enough to convince you to share your e-mail address with me, your kindness will also be rewarded with a promo code for FREE shipping on your next Sunflower Paperie Etsy shop order!

I also love connecting through social media, so if that is more your speed, check out the buttons to the right.

Thanks again for stopping by!

December Goals

Whew! Where is December going?! It is hard to believe we are half way through the last month of 2014. Even though I am very excited for the new year, I am also focusing on enjoying these last few weeks and starting some positive habits that will move me towards my 2015 goals.

First, a quick recap / update regarding my November goals:

1. Blog at least 3 times each week. – Didn’t accomplish this goal. In fact, my last post was about my November goal – oops! I am going to roll this goal over into December.

2. Create (or hire out) an effective e-newsletter opt in function. – Figured this one out on my own (admittedly after November ended)! I love Google, WordPress, and fellow bloggers who write about their experiences, enough said. I would also love for you to sign-up for my e-newsletter (see sidebar). 🙂

3. Send my first weekly e-newsletter to subscribers. – Rolling this one into December as well (see confession in goal #2 above).

4. Join a gym / start working out 2-3 times per week. – Done & done! One of my good friends and I joined a gym and have been doing a Step and Aqua Fit class each week.

5. Read two “for pleasure” books. – Sadly, I didn’t finish any books.

December Goals:

1. Blog a total of 10 times.

2. Send my first weekly e-newsletter to subscribers.

3. Exercise 3 times per week.

4. Finish 2 “for pleasure” books.

5. Write & mail our Christmas cards.

What are your goals for the end of 2014? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear what you are working on! 

November Goals

Sunflower Paperie blog - November Goals

My view from the walk to CreativeLive!

We wrapped up the final day of “Creating Digital Products that Sell While you Sleep” earlier this evening over at CreativeLive! My head is currently filled with tons of ideas about growing my business. I will be honest, at the moment I am feeling very overwhelmed (and also very thankful that I will receive a copy of the course, so that I can re-watch it to my hearts content!)!

One of my biggest takeaways has been the importance of creating a year long calendar where I intentionally map out all aspects of my business (product launches, social media posts, etc.). I would also like to start setting specific goals, both personal and professional, that correlate with my master calendar.

So, starting this month, I am going to post a handful of goals that I will be working on in the upcoming weeks. At the end of the month, I will follow-up with status updates and set new goals for the next month. Without further ado, my November include:

1. Blog at least 3 times each week.

2. Create (or hire out) an effective e-newsletter opt in function.

3. Send my first weekly e-newsletter to subscribers.

4. Join a gym / start working out 2-3 times per week.

5. Read two “for pleasure” books.

What are your goals for the end of November or the end of the year? I would love to hear about them in the comments!

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