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State Capitol Series – Salt Late City, UT

Hello! Today I have the next installment of my state captiol tour series – Salt Lake City, Utah! Two years ago I visited Salt Lake City and Utah for the first time. The city is surrounded by beautiful mountains and the weather was awesome. I loved this first impression of Utah and after visiting several National Parks there last summer, it has officially become one of my favorite western states. The Utah state capitol didn’t disappoint either, so I am excited to share some photos from our visit.

Sunflower Paperie blog - SLC, UT dome

We visited Salt Lake City in 2013 right before we moved to Arizona, because my boyfriend grades Advanced Placement (AP) exams and Salt Lake is where the grading sessions are held. The grounds of the capitol were beautiful, so I was excited for the tour. Guided tours are offered Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. When we arrived they let us know that all of the tours guides were busy with a children’s summer camp tour that morning, but that we were welcome to join in on the group. The kids ended up providing LOTS of entertainment and the tour guides were excellent.

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State Capitol Series – Phoenix, AZ

It’s hard to believe that almost two years ago we moved from Kansas to Arizona. Having lived in Topeka (the state capitol of Kansas) for almost 10 years, I was excited to move to another state capitol! We technically live in Tempe, but Phoenix (and the state capitol building) are only about 20 minutes from our house. Of course it took us almost a year to visit and tour the capitol.

Arizona capitol exterior 3

The capitol only does guided tours for groups of 10 or more, so we opted for the self-guided tour. I should clarify that the part we visited is technically the “Arizona Capitol Museum.”

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State Capitol Series – Helena, MT

Now that I have finally started documenting our state capitol travels (see my Madison, WI post here), I can’t stop re-living all of our trips in my mind! Today I am excited to write about our trip to Helena, Montana.

SP blog - Montana capitol exterior

Last October (2014), we traveled to Montana because my boyfriend presented at a conference at the University of Montana in Missoula. Let me start by saying that Missoula was an absolutely adorable town! We used airbnb to find a charming place to stay, enjoyed their First Friday Art walk and had the best pizza of our lives at Biga Pizza. Although this post is NOT sponsored by the Montana Visitors Bureau, I wish it was, because we would totally go back and visit!

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State Capitol Series – Madison, WI

As many of you know, I am a history nerd and more specifically an American history nerd. For quite some time I had an unofficial goal of visiting all 50 states. Then in 2009, shortly after visiting state number 38, I got hung up on the fact that I hadn’t done a consistent thing in each state (like buying a spoon, haha!). This “concern” led me to restart with a more specific goal in mind – visiting all 50 state capitol buildings!

In November, I met the lovely Sarah Shotts from the Love Letter to Adventure blog. Sarah challenges her readers to share their adventures on her blog and through a Facebook page. The more I have thought about “adventure,” the more I realized that I wanted to document our state capital travels (thanks for the prompt, Sarah!).

I have decided to start with the most recent capitol we visited and work my way back. My boyfriend (and household trip planner) has the goal of hiking in all 50 states, so I will post a bit about those adventures as well!

Sunflower Paperie blog - Madison, WI capitol exterior 2

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Friday Favorites // Oregon Edition

Sunflower Paperie - OR Coast

Last week my boyfriend and I met up with my parents in Oregon for our summer vacation! My folks have been coming to visit us in Arizona annually since we moved out here and last year we hatched a plan to escape the AZ heat and visit my Aunt and Uncle in Oregon (my cousin and his daughter also joined us!). We had such a great time, that I thought it would be fun to share a special “Oregon Edition” Friday Favorites post!


Welcome September!

Knock, knock! Anyone there?! It’s me – Kate the girl who formerly blogged! 😉

Where the heck did August go?! As you might know, I work in higher education, so August is always a busy time of year. Additionally, I started a new position at work at the end of May, so this past August seemed like it was extra busy, because I had the learning curve of a new position adding to an already crazy month. There were many days in the last month where my attitude was negative and I felt as though I couldn’t get everything done. Knowing that August was going to be hectic, I put the Sunflower Paperie Etsy shop in “vacation” mode, so that I could focus on my full-time job. While this was super helpful for my full-time job, I have found that I miss my creative outlet.


With the start of a new month, I have been thinking a lot about my business and my life in general. More than anything, I have decided that I need to refocus on being positive and grateful. I also want to refocus on my business and be more intentional with how I move it forward. In support of these efforts, I am going to post something on Instagram daily that I am thankful for. Some of these photos might be part of a longer blog post, while others might just be a quick photo and caption. If you are interested in joining me in this gratitude exercise, feel free to use the hashtag #SPgratitude on your Instagram photos, so I can follow along with you.


Today I am (extra) thankful for my partner. He also works in higher education as a professor, so he understands August more than most. I honestly couldn’t have gotten through the past month without him. Not once did he complain about me working late or on the weekends and any time I wanted to do something “fun” he quickly lined something up. He constantly listens to me and tries to get me to focus on the positive. He has also become quite talented at taking goals we have talked about and making them a reality (we started kayaking classes this past weekend and booked a fall trip that includes a new state capitol visit!). September is also his birth month, so hopefully I can come up with a gift that is fitting for someone who means so much to me. 🙂

Alright, your turn! What are you thankful for today?! 

P.S. The above photos are from Wyoming – where the landscapes are so perfect, they look fake!

Meet Kate


Kate laughingHello and welcome to Sunflower Paperie! Do you love cheerful paper goods for your home and special occasions; dreaming big, setting goals and accountability; and meeting creative makers from all over the world? If you are excited by any (or all!) of these topics, you are in the right place!

I’m Kate – the heart and hands behind Sunflower Paperie – and I am so excited to have you here! Raised in Kansas, I have degrees in History and Higher Education Administration. Not super creative fields, right?! As an undergraduate and through working in higher education, I have always been involved with creative projects. Whether it was making door decorations for my residents when I worked as a Resident Assistant or planning social events for students as a higher education professional, I have always enjoyed making others feel special.

In 2013, at the urging of friends and family, I opened the Sunflower Paperie Etsy shop. Click here for the post that details the very early days of Sunflower Paperie. The shop is where I create custom paper party supplies and home décor. To date all things mustache related have been my best sellers.

Craft Studio

All of the products in my shop are designed and handmade by me in my little craft room. My dear boyfriend is a self proclaimed “color consultant” and frequently helps me select paper colors and patterns for custom orders. He also makes almost daily trips to the post office with Sunflower Paperie parcels. In short, he is the best unpaid intern around! 😉

One of my favorite parts of running my Etsy shop is interacting with my customers. Whether it is e-mailing photo proofs of potential colors and paper options or hearing about how well a banner worked during a photo shoot, I love helping customers bring their vision to life!

Although I have been an avid blog reader for over a decade, I never started a blog, because I never knew exactly what I would write about. This past year has been one of growth for my business and for my dreams. I am hoping this space will be a place that I can build even stronger connections with my customers and share my love for creative businesses and business owners with you!

Yay! Stampe and Tape

11 Random Tidbits About Me

1. I lived in a residence hall (dorm) for 7 years! 1 as a freshman college student + 2 as a Resident Assistant (RA) + 4 as a professional hall director!

2. I want to visit all 50 state capitol buildings. My original goal was to travel to all 50 states, but I started over with the more specific goal in 2009. 16 down – 34 to go!

3. I love live music. Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, and Dave Matthews Band are among my favorites to see live.

4. If I could be any T.V. character, I would be Leslie Knope.

5. I loved having braces and still enjoy going to the dentist.

6. I grew up in a town with less than 1,000 residents.

7. My mom is a banker and my dad is a carpenter – I was lucky enough to work for both of them during high school.

8. One of my dreams is to run a senior dog sanctuary.

9. I loved college so much I earned a graduate degree in “Higher Education Administration.” I currently work in the field – college students are super motivating and fun to work with!

10. I LOVE mascots! Favorites include: Mr. Ichabod (Washburn University); Big Jay and Baby Jay (University of Kansas); and Sparky the Sun Devil (Arizona State University).

11. “Laffy Taffy” jokes are my favorite. You know the kind you find on Laffy Taffy wrappers? A current hit – “Have you heard about the new restaurant on the moon? The food is great, but it has no atmosphere!”

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