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This year I have been listening to and reading a variety of motivational and positive messages (both personal and professional in nature). I thought it would be fun to share a quote or phrase I am focusing on for a particular week each Monday with a little background about why the phrase is meaningful to me. This weeks phrase is “focus on the positive.”


Generally speaking I consider myself a positive person. However, I feel like social media, and media sources in general, make it so easy for us to compare ourselves to one another and feel bummed about our achievements (or lack thereof). For example, as I am trying to lose weight, I get frustrated with how slowly my progress is going. Instead of acknowledging what I have already accomplished, I find myself dwelling on how long it will take me to achieve my end goal. This type of negativity creeps into my business a lot too! I will see companies who are younger than mine and wonder how they have achieved so much more than I have in a shorter amount of time. In both cases I try to remind myself to focus on the positive – even if the positive thought I come up with seems minor – instead of comparing myself to others or letting myself feel overwhelmed by my larger long term goals.

To be specific, when I catch myself thinking something negative, I am forcing myself to immediately think a positive thought related to that specific area. It is probably super corny, but I definitely notice a quick attitude adjustment and re-focus on what I have accomplished.

This week when you are faced with something disappointing or negative, I encourage you to focus on something positive. You are very likely achieving more than you give yourself credit for! A bonus challenge? Verbalize something positive when someone around you is complaining or down – positive speech can be contagious! 

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