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Welcome back! Today I am excited to share my first Friday Favorites post of 2016! Feel free to share what you are loving in the comments and I will check your suggestions out. 

I have followed Diane Sanfilippo for quite awhile via Instagram and her blog. I recently started listening to her Build a Bad@ss Business podcast and LOVE it! Each episode ranges from 15 – 60 minutes, so they are perfect to listen to while driving to and from work. Prepare to be motivated!

If you follow the Sunflower Paperie Instagram account, you know how excited I was to get fresh blades and cutting mats for my Silhouette Cameo. I love my Silhouette products, so I am super excited to try the new Premium Blade which is supposed to last 3 times longer than the standard blade.

I don’t know how I missed this while he was in space, but Scott Kelly’s Instagram account documenting his year in space is AMAZING! Some of the vibrant colors in his photos are unbelievable! I have also enjoyed seeing his posts since he has returned to earth.

I am such a sucker for dog stories (both happy and sad) and this is one of the best I have heard in quite some time! There is something so touching about this man’s story about his relationship with two rescue dogs. Grab your tissues and learn from my experience and don’t watch this at work (or in public)! 😉

Now it’s your turn… Tell me what your are loving (and what I should check out!) in the comments! Happy weekend, friends!

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