Weekly weigh-in: Week 9

Hello! My weekly weigh-in is late this week, because I have been away from my scale! I was fortunate to travel to Chicago for spring break with some students from work and I just returned to AZ today. Instead of my typical Tuesday weigh-in, I will be going with the weight I logged on the Sunday before I left for vacation. 

Week 9 weigh-in (March 8, 2015): 

Pounds lost (since last week): 0

Total pounds lost (since January 5 start date): 7.5

Total number of workouts: 0

Total number of weekend hikes: 0

Other health-related items to celebrate in the past week: Over 2 full months without soda! Had omelette cups for breakfast each day of the week and brewed my own tea (instead of purchasing tea on my way into work).

Areas of improvement: Getting more activity in – going to the gym after work and hiking on the weekends. I also need to stop eating sweets. I acknowledge that it isn’t always the best to completely cut specific food groups out of ones diet, however, I have been reflecting on how I cut soda out of my diet and I feel like this same attitude / outlook could be helpful with sugar in general.

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