Weekly weigh-in: Week 11

Years ago (before doing a low carb diet), I had some success with Weight Watchers. I remember they always gave you a “free pass” every so often where you didn’t have to weigh in, but could still attend the meeting. This week, I am going to cash in my imaginary “free pass.”

Last week was my birthday and this week I am in a wedding, so I have been pretty busy celebrating! I am logging my stats below, but don’t really have any additional comments, but I still wanted to document this week (so when I look back over the year I can identify my strengths and weaknesses). I am reflecting on my progress (or lack there of) over the first quarter of 2015 and thinking about what I want to change going forward (more on that later!).

Week 10 weigh-in (March 24, 2015): 

Pounds lost (since last week): 0

Total pounds lost (since January 5 start date): 7.5

Total number of workouts: 0

Total number of weekend hikes: 0

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