3 Easy Bridal Shower Crafts

In February I co-hosted a bridal shower for a very good friend and co-worker (hi Liz!). Yesterday was her wedding day (!!!), so I thought it would be fun to share 3 of the easy projects I created as part of her shower decor. Her wedding colors were blush pink with gold accents and since I love those colors together so much, we stuck with the same theme for the shower.

As I have mentioned before, I am the lucky owner of a Silhouette Cameo paper cutting machine, so I used it for all of these crafts, but they are also easy enough that you could create them without a machine.

1. Monogrammed vase embellishments

Sunflower Paperie vase embellishment

I purchased a bunch of the floral paper at Michael’s that the circles are cut from. I loved the paper because it was a mix of pinks and had a really pretty teal green leaf color that popped, so it was the inspiration for all of the crafts.

I started by cutting a bunch of 3.5 inch circles. The “S” is the first inital of Liz’s new last name and was cut from gold metallic paper. I used rubber cement to glue the “S” to the floral circle and then a couple of strips of double sided table to adhere the monogram to the vase (vases are cheapies from Ikea). I actually placed the monograms on the vases the morning after we did all of the flower arranging and they stayed on great.

Had I not had a Silhouette Cameo, I would have made all of the shapes I wanted in a Word document, printed them, traced them on my desired papers and then cut them out. We had a total of 6 vases and I placed a monogram on each “face” of the vases, for a total of 12 monograms. For future parties I plan to use this same idea on party favor bags!


2. Polka Dot confetti

Sunflower Paperie confetti

This confetti is super simple, but it really brightened up each table! I cut 1 inch circles on my machine from 3 different papers (blush pink, bright pink and the same metallic gold from the monograms). I cut approximately 300 pieces and did a light sprinkling on each table. We decorated 4 tables total and had enough left over to accent the top of our cake. I had actually purchased a 1 inch paper punch for this exact reason, so this is totally doable without a machine!

Sunflower Paperie bridal shower

3. Napkin Rings

Sunflower Paperie napkin rings

I definitely saved my favorite of the 3 crafts for last AND it is the easiest! I cut up a couple of pieces of the floral paper into strips that were 6 inches long by 3 inches wide. We simply wrapped each strip of floral paper around a napkin roll and secured it with a clear piece of tape on the back (after clipping off any excess paper). I then added a piece of glitter ribbon to the top of the paper and secured it with another piece of clear tape. I love how simple these looked and how much they tied our theme into the brunch buffet.

Liz happens to also be one of my best customers, so I will be featuring some of the banners from her shower in a future post highlighting my favorite customer orders, so stay tuned! 

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