I Get by with a Little Help From my Friends (and Family)!

Happy weekend, friend! Today I am sharing the 4th installment of my 2015 Goal series. Re-connecting with family and friends is something I have been thinking about a lot recently.

For almost my entire life I lived in Kansas – 18+ years in my hometown in western KS and then 10+ years in the northeastern part of the state. I moved to the northeastern part of the state (Topeka) when I started college at Washburn University (go Ichabods!). After college I stayed in Topeka and following a brief stint in banking, I returned to Washburn as a professional staff member. I mention this timeline because it was during and after college that I really established a wonderful network of friends. Additionally, I was only about 5 hours away from my hometown, so it was relatively easy to travel home or meet my family half way on the weekends.

In the summer of 2013, my boyfriend and I moved to Arizona. I am extremely thankful for my co-workers and friends in Arizona, they have truly made this new place feel like home. However, I have proceeded to get really bad at keeping in touch with my friends and family back home (and those who have moved away from KS!). In some ways I feel connected through social media and I am fairly good at texting, but when it comes to actually calling or writing friends and family, I am not doing so well.

Sunflower Paperie blog - Re-connecting with Family and Friends

Each time I do chat with a friend on the phone, I feel SO much more connected to them and their lives (not to mention how happy it makes me!). I also love sending snail mail, BUT I seem to always be a week (or more!) behind! It may seem silly to write about these kind of goals here, but it is very helpful for me to quantify what I have been thinking about and again, the accountability of others knowing what I am working on this year is invaluable. 🙂

Without further ado (sorry this post got so LONG!), my mini goals for re-connecting with family and friends this year: 

Send 1 written letter per week. I actually love writing letters and used to have regular pen pals when I was younger. I also have a small obsession with stationery, so this one should be fun (and hopefully achievable).

Purchase & mail special occasion cards (or gifts) 1 week in advance of their special day. My sweet grandma actually mentioned a great idea to me regarding this goal. She said that at the beginning of each year (when she gets out her new calendar), she adds all special days to the year and writes “mail (fill in loved one’s name) birthday card” 1 week before their special day. This habit is BRILLIANT to me! I have always had my loved ones special days on my calendar / in my planner, but by the time their big day comes around it is too late to get anything to them on time – see “always sending things late” issue above! I am implementing my grandma’s technique this year! 

Call my Mom (hi Mom!) and Dad every week. I used to be much better about chatting with my folks regularly. I love them dearly, so this is a priority for me this year.

Call 1 friend each week. Y’all better pick up the phone! 😉

Alright, hopefully these goals don’t sound too much like a “to do list” that I simply want to check off each week, but more like a reminder to invest some time each week towards building my relationships with those I love the most. 

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How do you stay connected with friends and family? I would love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments! 

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